Monday, February 21, 2011

Clean Up Job of the Present Abortion Holocaust

For decades we have been sacrificing our children on the altars of hedonism. Even now the axe of God’s judgment has been laid to the root. 2000 years ago Christ warned, “the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breast that never nursed’” (Luke 23:29). The present day abortion holocaust has driven those words home in dramatic fashion.

Think for a moment about what spiritual and secular leaders in our day are now saying. Beverly Harrison, a professor of Christian ethics, says, “Infanticide is not a great wrong.” Ester Langston, a professor of social work, says, “What we are saying is that abortion becomes one of the choices, and the person has the right to choose whatever it is that’s best for them in the situation which they find themselves, be it abortion, to keep the baby, to adopt it, to sell it, to leave it in a dumpster, to put it on your porch, whatever, it’s the person’s right to choose.” Margaret Sanger, who was the original founder of Planned Parenthood, famously said, “The most merciful thing a large family can do for one of its infant members is kill it.” Nobel Prize Laureate James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA—hardly fringe—said, “Because of the limitations of present detection methods, most birth defects are not discovered until birth; however, if a child was not declared alive until three days after birth, the doctor could allow the child to die, if the parents so chose, and save a lot of misery and suffering.”

While pondering this horrific reality, remember that the present-day holocaust is government funded. In other words, you and I are footing the bill. Now I’ve said this before and it made me controversial, but I’m going to repeat it, abortion is not the real problem. Abortion is the clean up operation. The real problem is sexual promiscuity. And sexual promiscuity is the direct result of how people view their origins—how one views their origins, determines how they live their life. If you believe you are a function of random chance, you’re going to live your life by a different standard than if you know you are created in the image of God and accountable to Him. If there is no objective North Star, morals and ethics are determined on the basis of the size and scope of the latest lobby group. When that happens, chaos breaks out in a culture. You have the sovereignty of self replacing the sovereignty of God. You have survival of the fittest, and the struggle for existence. And, yes, you have a sexual revolution that demands a clean up operation, which has led to a multi-billion dollar government funded plan of taking the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable among us. And now, we can even at times have the privilege of experimenting on them.

Do ideas have consequences? Yes! But we are not here to curse the darkness. The Christian Research Institute exists to equip you to make a difference while there is still time. You can make a difference.


Lenny said...

Recently, I watched Al Sharpton on Hannity debating Rick Santorum about abortion in the black community. I was floored by how resolute Mr. Sharpton was in his defence of choice... When confronted with the fact that the black community would have doubled its population if r.v. wade was illegal, Sharpton did not even blink. He did not care. It blew my mind that this man is willfully blind to genocide of his own people. With abortion, intermarriages and the destruction of the black family it is possible that in 50 years the black community in America will be less than 5 percent of the U.S. population. WHAT A NATIONAL TRAGEDY!

Allen and Autumn Thomsen said...

I believe I'm correct in my thinking when I say that the difference we can make must start with getting folks on the right track biblicaly by making a counter attack on the assault already being carried out against truth. Yet I am at a loss on how to carry that particular mission out. Perhaps you have considered this problem and have insight on what can be done? Obviously you have your platform to help push truth out there, but what can someone who doesn't have such a platform or much money do to join in the fight for truth? I am looking for Ideas and I hoped you might have some. Regards, Allen

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hanegraaff, I do appreciate your teaching. I came to your blog in search of knowledge regarding the Word of Faith movement. I want to follow Jesus in spirit and in truth. I want to know how I should pray now that I am not interested in being part of the Word of Faith movement. Is it okay to pray the scriptures? If so, how do you pray with the proper heart? How do you pray out loud?

You are including political opinions and it's kind of a distraction. I like your teaching, but when you align with conservative politics so closely aligned with the Tea Party and their doctrines of dominionism it throws me off a bit.

I am trying to get away from the mindset of the Word of Faith movement which I see entrenched in Tea Party Politics.

Maybe you don't align with dominionism. I hope not. To me it is a cult.

But since the matter of abortion is on the table, I would like to offer my own thoughts.

I do not support abortion. I never will. It is the only issue of free will that I wrestle over. Because I can't bear to see babies terminated. I used to be Republican. But the Republicans have had decades of great political power and influence. Time enough to come up with meaningful solutions regarding abortion. I haven't seen a lot of effort to do that.

I do know Planned Parenthood directly opposes legislation on abortion. And I think that is the real issue here. So, perhaps abortions should not be associated with Planned Parenthood at all. And fought through a different venue. That is my best answer.

Planned Parenthood was initiated by Richard Nixon as a means to curb dependence on welfare. He is a Republican. But perhaps he did not forsee the abortion issue with Planned Parenthood. Wikipedia says:

"Planned Parenthood has received federal funding since 1970, when President Richard Nixon signed into law the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act, amending the Public Health Service Act. Title X of that law provides funding for family planning services, including contraception and family planning information. The law enjoyed bipartisan support from liberals who saw contraception access as increasing families' control over their lives, and conservatives who saw it as a way to keep people off welfare."

This means that every federal budget for more than four decades has provided public funds to Planned Parenthood under five Republican presidents -- Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush -- none of whom saw the need to scrap funding for the health organization.

If you throw out the baby with the bathwater, there will be problems again with unwanted pregnancies. More welfare. And nobody wants that.

Why do away with Planned Parenthood? I think abortion should be separate from Planned Parenthood. It should be fought on it's own grounds.

The truth is a small percentage of Planned Parenthood funds go for abortion. And that is through private funding only. Not government funding. But Planned Parenthood is deeply entrenched in fighting reform.
My question is whether or not they should be. Was that the original intent of Planned Parenthood?

People are not going to stop having sex outside marriage. People have free will and they are going to use it. Free will is a gift from God. Otherwise, how can people make a true, willful choice regarding faith?

I understand you have your own political views. But for me the political thing is too much in the way of finding the answers I need. But it is your blog and I respect that. And I thank you for the information you provide as it is scholarly and well presented.

Larry said...

Oh, how my heart aches to have the power to comfort each of the precious babies of whom these and many other "choice proponents" are truly promoting. I was reared on a small farm and I know that there are times when it is most merciful to kill sick, mangy dog but we were careful to nurture our children. It is "never okay to simply rid yourself of a baby just because some heartless individual gives you permission and especially if you do it on the grounds of the problems a child may cause you and/or the parent(s)! Christ died an unthinkable, inhumane death so dirty, selfish sinners like you and me can have life; imagine where you and I would be had he chosen to say, "no, Father, this will hurt too much; after all they're just a bunch of human babies; let's just throw them all away"! Or, what about your mother? Did she think of herself during those days, weeks, and months when she was carrying you; stretching her slim body and knowing that she would spend uncomfortable and painful days and nights carrying you in her womb? I pray that anyone whose attitude about the worth of a human baby will have a "Charles Dickens" experience. It would be great if you could be visited by 3 spirits: one from the past, one from the present, and one from the future. In the past you could learn just how much your parents and grandparents went through so you could live; the "ghost of life/abortion present could show you how it would feel to have someone with more power or "choices" than you to reach into your world with a large, cold tweezer and slowly pull your body apart, disposing of the parts in a dumpster; then, when your future is revealed you could see yourself standing before the great Judge of all mankind as he says that you must give account for every murdered baby that your words and attitude played a part in their death! Would that persuade you to campaign for the rights of the unborn babies about your own right to "let your poisonous opinion be heard" because you know more about life than God Himself? I doubt it; sweet dreams. By the way I, too, am a professional Social Worker and I take pride in standing up for those who are most vulnerable in our society; that's what I just did. Larry

Larry said...

"The Holocaust of Abortion"

Those of us who have lived in the U.S.A. for a lifetime probably agree that ours is the greatest country in the world. Here is a good time to salute our fine women and men who are serving in the armed forces all around the world. Abortion confuses me for many reasons but, have you thought about how we want our neighborhoods to be free from the threat of harm for our kids; we hire and train brave men and women who are willing to wear a police officer's badge, a firefighter's badge, etc. AND our leaders have the God given responsibility of watching over us, warning us of encroaching enemies so that we can serve and protect one another. What I'm saying is that those of us who have been fortunate enough to be born in the U.S.A. enjoy life at its best as a whole. What doesn't make sense is how our unborn children's chances for survival, it appears, are dwindling away about as fast as the tiny, newborn sea turtles who face incredible dangers, enemies, carnivores who will devour them, etc. We are an intelligent, brave, and sensible nation and, simply put, ABORTION DOESN'T FIT IN OUR CULTURE of living and loving life. Thank you for this opportunity to speak out.