Friday, February 11, 2011

Watching the Unrest in Egypt Remembering the Persecuation of Christians

Hard to believe but we’ve already had a month and a week pass by us in the year 2011, and we are now glued to our television sets watching turmoil unfold in Egypt. I was arrested by an article in the forum of USA Today. That article by Joseph Bottum, by the way he’s a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard, says that, “Perhaps the situation in Egypt will resolve itself peacefully. Or perhaps we'll see a long stretch of public unrest before the nation finally stumbles its way into a new form of stable government. But there's one easy prediction to make: Whatever happens, Egypt's Coptic Christians are going to be hurt, unless the United States makes a major diplomatic effort to help them.” [1] The article goes on to say that “the current unrest, which began with a car bomb in Alexandria killing 21 at a Coptic church on Jan. 1 and continued through the massacre of 11 Christians in the village of Sharona on Jan. 30.” [2]

It was Ironic, just before I was reading this article I was thinking about some of the persecution I personally endured as a result for standing for truth no matter what the cost. Then I read this article. Immediately, I fell to my knees thinking, “There’s persecution and there’s persecution. Egypt’s Christians are hardly alone in their persecution. “Catholic bishop stabbed to Death in Turkey." That’s one of the headlines we read not all that long ago. Here’s another, "Islamist hard-liners in Indonesia target Christians." Here’s another "Iraqi Christians mourn after church siege kills 58." Iraqi Christians mourn after church siege kills 58. The Christmas season saw 48 killed in Muslim attacks in Nigeria.On Christmas Day, Iran opened its campaign against conversions by arresting dozens of evangelicals. Bombs left on the doorsteps of Christian homes in Iraq killed two and injured 14 on Dec. 30” [3]. That’s five weeks ago.

The article goes on to say that “the single most dangerous thing in the world to be, right now, is a Christian in a Muslim country…Up to 1.4 million of Iraq's Christians have fled since the war began in 2003…America foreign policy has been little concerned with religious persecution…Barack Obama has systematically watered down U.S. diplomacy: Where we once demanded ‘freedom of religion,’ a public liberty, we now speak only of ‘freedom of worship,’ a lesser and private right.” It then says, “Nearly every day since Christmas, Christians have been murderously attacked for the simple fact of being Christians,” and “Our willful blindness is shameful, and our inactivity is wrong. The United States must preface every diplomatic exchange with an Islamic country by demanding religious liberty and a halt to persecution. And we need to do it now — while there are still a few Christians left to defend in their ancient homelands.” [4].

All of us, as we participate on the Bible Answer Man broadcast today by listening or calling in need to be aware that even as we speak there is real persecution going on around the world. And we must not only pray for the pesecuted church, whether in Asia, or Africa, or even in America. We must pray for the persecuted church, and we must simultaneously recognize that the church has always been forged in the cauldron of persecution. That’s when real Christianity manifests itself. It’s when real Christianity impacts empires. It’s why in China right now there may be as many as 130 million Christians growing and thriving in the cauldron of persecution, not looking to mere earthly vanities, but elevating their gaze to eternal verities.

It is time for us in America to begin living with eternity in mind and, if we do, we may well make a difference not just for time but for eternity. If we do, we’ll stop listening to the conspiracy theorist, who are concocting all kinds of conspiracy theories on television, watched by millions of Christians, which are the kind of conspiracy theory that titalates. They’re sensational. They’re great for ratings. But they do very little for the cause of Christ.

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Michael-James- Young said...

I am a Christian and a great literalist and theologian- having all the expertise you have; am younger, and with no college degree. Isaiah 54: 17, " and they will be taught by the Lord." 9/11 was/ and is an inside job, believe that. Just as being born again is an inside job, but 9/11 is America born altogether there for a disdain of God by letting 9/11 happen. Al-Qaeda is a CIA front. Watch Terror Storm a documentary by Christian Alex Jones. Watch Obama Deception by Alex Jones. Watch Invisible Empire by Alex Jones. I would give you reference of newspaper articles and Bible scripture to strengthen my argument to the hilt. But I feel that I would have to write a book to do it. So there are some documentaries. Seek the truth before you decide that you have it or not.
Anyway, I know Cindee Martin Morgan, being a subscriber on her youtube channel. Name is mamaschristmasbunny on there. And here is my email address if you would like to respond or debate or sometime have someone on your radio program like me who I practice what Christ preaches: as I don't die unto myself but by the truth I have the answers in Christ Jesus.
We have to know why we believe what we believe as well; for what we believe.
I am a Christian.
You talking about all the deaths of Christians in about the world. And than for a closer, then you go on to belittle your fellow Christians.
-I could show you what is the meaning of geopolitics in the sociopolitical realm for giving you article upon news article, and show strategic defensive plans and plans that were made in advance of the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan written in books by defense advisers who have worked hand in hand with George Bush and Obama showing compliance a foreknowledge a motive for our government to try and take over such regimes in Egypt, Iraq, and Iran, etc; I will hold your hand through the Bible.
And I can validate everything that I say by Scripture and by sending you to the National Archives, or to the Library of Congress, or to AP, or Reuters, or Huffington Post or Wall Street Journal. (Or try, Alex Jones)
I don't know what purview you use to gain understanding on any such issues to do with what is going on in Egypt, but if I knew as little as you I would close my mouth and open my ears, so that God could heal me. But to quote Jesus, Wisdom knows her children. Meaning a true Christian has a disciplined amount of control and order in their language which conforms to actual truth as truth matches with truth.
In the most simplest of terms-
What is going on in Egypt- is what is going on the United States of America. You got a bunch of people who are mislead to believe: that somehow no matter how evil the powers at be- that are let to control this earth by their worship of basically Lucifer, people believe that somehow some good will come out of following the fools we have as leaders.As those leaders are peoples idols and gods.
Bush's, Obama, Clinton's, are all well documented non-Christians and are more suitable to Luciferianism than Christianity, because none of what they say or do matches God's word.
Simple as that- as soon as people are loving to take the hand of Lucifer as their guide it will continue, as God leaves them to it there.
And I gave you the simple, simple, cut to the chase synopsis of it all.
See' if you believe there is a Lucifer, and you believe that the battle on earth is like what Paul said, that a Christians battle is a spiritual one. Than as you believe that there is those of us- in political ranks that are for God here. You got to believe that there is those out fighting for Satan.
Try David Ray Griffin, look him up he is a Christian Professor who writes about 9/11, and how the Twin Towers were brought down by demolition. Jesus did say that truth will set you free. So how free are you exactly? You are the Bible Answer man; answer that for yourself.
Or is that a Conspiracy to ask you that?

Yellow_ Bus_ Mike,
God Bless,
Michael James Young

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hanegraaff:

I will begin with a simple two-part question, just to get the ball rolling:

1. What do you believe happens to those who commit evil acts (such as, direct violation of one of several of God's commandments, and do not generally repent prior to their earthly demise? and

2. What do you believe happens to non-believers? Those who generally lead a good earthy life, but simply do not acknowledge Jesus Christ, or even God for that matter?