Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Made God?

None of the arguments forwarded by philosophical naturalism, which is the worldview that under girds evolution:

1. The universe is merely an illusion.

2. The universe sprang from nothing.

3. The universe eternally existed,

satisfactorily account for the existence of the universe. So logically we can turn only to the possibility that God created the heavens and the earth; but, if that’s the case, this is brings up another question that is asked over and over again. That question is “Who made God?”

Unlike the universe, which according to modern science had a beginning, God is infinite and eternal. That way an infinite eternal being, or God, can logically be demonstrated to be the uncaused first cause.

Furthermore, to suppose that because the universe had a cause, the cause must have had a cause, simply leads to a logical dead end. An infinite regression of finite causes does not answer the question of source; it merely make the effects more numerous.

Simple logic dictates that the universe is not merely an illusion — it did not spring out of nothing— and that it has not eternally existed. So the only philosophically plausible possibly that remains is that the universe was made by an unmade cause greater than itself.


Boris said...

The mass-energy that comprised the universe probably always existed just in a different form before the Big Bang. If God could have existed forever so could mass-energy. Therefore when given even a second thought the First Cause argument goes poof. The argument from design implodes when we realize the first cells on earth had no DNA but reproduced by simply falling apart. The complexity of DNA is the result of 4 billion years of evolution and its marvelous bottom-up design mechanism. The argument from morality fails because Christianity was a blood-thirsty violent religion until gradually being forced to adopt the morals and ethics of secular humanism.

Anonymous said...

Boris, did you read Hank's post at all? Where did the first cells come from - the eternal mass-energy?

Boris said...

The first cells came from self replicating RNA. You shouldn't have slept through 8th grade science class. Or were you home schooled?