Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Economy and Our Response

When I was watching the news on Monday September 29, 2008, I heard a lot of people pray, “heaven help us” as they watched the DOW JONES Industrial tank with the largest single drop in history at 777 points. I think we ought to pray “Your will be done” because when we do we are recognizing the sovereignty of God over every aspect of our daily lives.

In effect we’re saying, “Thank God, this world, this economy is not under my control, it’s under His.” It’s a way of saying we would be in deep trouble if God gave us everything for which we asked. The fact is we just don’t know what’s best for us. We only see a snapshot in time. God sees the entire panoply thus His perspective is far superior to ours. To pray “Your will be done” is daily recognition that our wills must be submitted to His will.

One of the most comforting thoughts that can penetrate a human mind yielded to the will of God is that He who has created us also knows what’s best for us. So if we walk according to His will rather than trying to command Him to our wills, we will have as He promised not a panacea, but peace in the midst of the storm. There’s great peace in knowing that the one who taught us to pray “Your will be done” has every single detail of our lives, including the stock market and the financial crisis, under His control.

To pray “Your will be done” then, is a daily recognition that God is not going to spare us from trial or tribulation but He will use the fiery furnace to purge impurities from our lives. Ultimately that was the message of the book of Job. Job endured more tragedy in a single day than most people will experience in the stock market. Yet, in his darkest hour Job uttered words of faith, “thou He slay me yet will I trust in Him.” (Job 13:15).

Child of God, the hope is not in the stock market but in a new heaven and new earth wherein righteousness dwells. A lot of people today are putting their eye on the wrong ball when it comes to the faith game. Faith is only as good as the object in whom it is placed.


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Philippe and Patti said...

Thank you for speaking the truth.
I am concerned that so many are more concerned for their wallets than their relationship with the living God.

The issues on the table are great.

Stay strong,


Anonymous said...

How is the Lexus, Hank?
And the 400K salary?
I will never tune in to your radio show or listen to what you say before you clear your name.
It is a disgrace of Christ name what you have done to your staff in CA and the salary you and your wife take.

Anonymous said...

Well anonymous person, as one speaking to another, let me say that if CRI feels that Hank is worthy of his 400K salary and justified in driving a Lexus, then to God be the glory. I've never heard Hank boast about his financial blessings, and if he does boast, it's usually about how his children, or wife, or friends have blessed him and others. Since we as outsiders have little contextual knowledge of Hank's life, it will behoove us to stop making self-righteous or hypocritical judgments if we cannot make a rigtheous judgment based upon God's Word. May the Lord continue to bless Hank, his staff, his family, and all other Christians who take the name of Christ upon their life and lips.