Friday, February 1, 2008

Jehovah's Witnesses

Mormons are not the only non-Christian cult. There are Jehovah's Witnesses who believe that Christianity died with the last of the apostles. They believe that Christianity was not resurrected until their founder, Charles Taze Russell, began organizing the Watchtower Society in the 1870s.

In their view the cross is a pagan symbol adopted by an apostate church and salvation is impossible apart from the Watchtower organization.

While the Witnesses on your doorstep consider themselves to be the only authentic expression of Christianity, the Society they serve compromises, confuses or outright contradicts essential Christian doctrine.

They teach their devotees that the Trinity is a freakish-looking three-headed god invented by Satan and that Jesus is merely "a" god. In Watchtower theology Jesus was created by God as the archangel Michael, that during His earthly sojourn He was merely human, and then after His crucifixion He recreated an immaterial spirit creature.

They also deny the physical resurrection of Jesus. In fact, according to Russell the body that hung on a "torture stake" either dissolved into gases or is preserved somewhere as a grand memorial of God's love.

Well, Watchtower adherents are often willing to do more for a lie than Christians are willing to do for the truth. These and a host of other doctrinal perversions keep Jehovah's Witnesses from rightly being considered Christian. We need to be able to use those deviations as springboards or opportunities for sharing the truth and love and grace that only come with a relationship with the real Jesus and the real Gospel, which is a Gospel, not by works, but by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We are not saved by what we do. We are saved unto good works. The Gospel is free - however, it will cost us our life. We take up our cross and daily follow the Lord.


Danny Haszard said...

You are 100% correct.

The Watchtower sect leaders are counterfeit Christians.[Matthew 7:15]
Wolves's in Sheep's clothing predators.

This is probably what makes the Jehovah's witnesses religion so controversial in that they: PROMISE YOU YOUR REWARD IN THE HERE AND NOW.

Like holding out the proverbial carrot to the donkey the watchtower promises it's followers an impending new system paradise coming any minute you won't grow old you won't need to save for old age retirement.
The other religions have the good sense to promise you your reward AFTER YOU DIE and nobody has ever come back from the dead and sued for breach of promise.

When the watchtower is made to be held accountable for their false promises and defaults thay just go and disfellowship (kick out) those who dissent.Religions can get away with this any secular business that did this would get their leaders put in jail for fraud.The Watchtower religion has busted a million followers and there are lots of angry ex members who won't go quietly.

It's FRAUD for GOD
Danny Haszard

Sacchiel said...

Thank you Hank for reaching out to Jehovah's Witnesses.

In futility they strive to gain acceptance to God's Kingdom.

Prewitt Crafty Things said...

Hank, I would really like to know where you got your information. I am an ex-jehovah's witness and my father is an elder in the congregation, I have been deeply envolved in the congregation and know just about every aspect of the religon, I currently working on a ministry to reach out to these people to lead them to Christ, and save them as I was saved, but some of the information you mentioned is not correct, according to how I was taught, I also asked my father if he ever heard of that and he said that was not a correct statement. I am just curious if you found out something that my dad just won't tell me?? If so I could use it in my ministry, please email me at Bless, the work you do it amazing, I am glad to see someone making an effort to reach the group of people I left. Thanks!